Options for a Bathroom Renovations

You might be thinking to renovate your old bathrooms and wondering what upgrades you might apply to it. Several are the options available with professional building and interior designers, but you  can integrate of what you might have in mind as well. To provide you some great ideas, here are the possible options for you!

  • Floating Vanities. This could be an awesome idea to provide you more space between the floor and the vanity. It is perfect to add a double sink as well as a storage drawer. Floating vanity is done by simply elevating the vanity with solid plank of wood. It can be outfitted with a double sink and a drawer for storage purposes. Proper ventilation for bathroom humidity should be considered primarily.
  • The entertainment side. It can be relaxing and rejuvenating to listen to music while taking a bath. You can add a simple sound system in your bathroom. Also, a low voltage television, which is water resistant can be an option too.
  • The Tile Accents. Tile Accent is one of the most affordable bathroom renovation upgrade. It is done by installing some backsplash of tile that comes in different style and form to place over the walls, above the vanity, and bathroom floors.
  • The Heat Flooring. Installing a radiant heat system underneath the bathroom floor is an option too. Add along a soft rug that will provide a comfort to your feet as you step out of shower or the tub.
  • Glass Shower. Frameless glass shower can look luxurious and elegant but can be helpful for aging family members as it is easy to use and be managed.

Some of the designs you may want to integrate are adding tiles or glass shower benches, a fireplace in the bathroom, heated towel bars, and or steam showers. Sydney Bathroom Renovators are certified builders for bathroom renovations Sydney in residential areas in Sutherland Shire,  Upper North Shore and Hills districts of Sydney, Australia. They have qualified individuals who perform the best result of renovations as to experience  and best materials used in the construction based on the standards in Australia. When installing tiles only, you might want to check this site for necessary service offered.